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«Nails are the period at the end of the sentence. They complete the look.»

The founder of Louvain™ has twenty years of experience offering nail esthetic services to clients. She wants to revolutionize the color gel market by creating a gel polish that improves the durability and shine of nails. Also, she wants to bring a nail brush to the market that is both flexible and robust, facilitating the service provided by salon employees. She is the owner of several nail salons in Canada.


After listening to recommendations and advice from her staff and clients, she decided to create the Louvain™ gel polish.


Louvain™ was created from the idea of ​​offering high quality products in the market and a sophisticated modern representation of the woman of today's generation. The Louvain™ gel lacquer bottles are decorated luxuriously, thanks to the help of our designers. The gold cap represents the pride of prestigeous and independant women. The black body represents her sophistication and the purple touch represents her femininity.


The real secret of Louvain's success, besides showing its elegance, is in its high quality. Louvain's gels are durable and have a timeless shine. Its formula is superior, compared to other gel lacquers offered in the market today. Louvain's gels offer a broad spectrum of choices. The colors of Louvain™ have the intention of meeting the customer's needs.


Louvain™ selectively supplies to partners that offer an exceptional service. The establishments that provide Louvain™ gels, also possess a clean environment and employees with professional attitudes.

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