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How to apply Louvain gel polishes

February 25, 2017





What you need


• Louvain's 3-Step gel polish system (base coat + color + top coat)


• LED or UV lamp 


• 99% isopropyl alcohol-based cleanser


• File and buffer (180 grit)


• Cuticle pusher


• Cuticle oil (optional)



Prepare your nails


This is one of the most important parts of any artificial nail application. The number one reason


most artificial nails fail to stay on properly is due to the nail not being prepped correctly.


Be meticulous, take your time, and be a perfectionist. Keep in mind that if the natural nail is shiny


and/or oily, nothing will stick to it properly! Make sure your nails are all dry and not hydrated. 



• Trim or file nails to desired length and shape with your 180 grit file


• Using your cuticle pusher, gently push the cuticles back. You also want to push back any dry or  


   dead skin that may be on the surface of the nail. If there is any skin left on the nail, the gel will


    not stick


• Use your buffer to gently take the shine off the nail. You want to pay careful attention around


    the cuticles and try to get as close to them as possible. Inspect each nail from every angle to


    make sure you buffed the entire surface. If you see any shiny spots lightly buff them away or


    the gel will not adhere to the nail


• Remove the dust with an alcohol soaked lint free wipe



You are now ready to apply Louvain 3-Step gel polish system!





Before applying our Louvain gel polish system, make sure your nails have no shine to them at all


and have been prepared correctly (see above). Start with one hand at a time, if you are doing


it yourself.



Apply Louvain Base Coat. First, wipe the brush off completely to remove any extra product. Then


dip the brush back into the bottle and get a small amount of product on the brush. You want to


get as close to the cuticles as possible without actually touching them. This is where the desk


lamp comes in handy, because good lighting is a must. If any layer of gel touches the cuticle your


manicure will end up peeling off. Be careful not to get it on the skin. If you do, use your proper


tool right away to clean any of it up. After the entire nail is covered, wipe off your brush again and


go over all four nails again to ensure that you have a very thin, even coat.



Cure. Place your first hand in the LED lamp and cures for 30 seconds (1 minute for UV lamp. The


timing can vary depending on your lamp's power). After curing, remove your hand from the lamp.


The base coat is cured, but is still tacky (do not touch it).



Apply Louvain Gel Color. Apply a very thin layer all over the entire nail, staying close to the


cuticle (without touching it). 



Cure. Cure the color for 30 seconds under a LED lamp (1 minute for UV lamp). When you remove


your hand from the lamp, the gel will still be tacky. (don't touch or let anything touch the tacky


gel - you don't want to get hair/fuzz stuck in it).



Apply a second coat of Louvain Gel Color. If necessary and cure.



Apply Louvain No Wipe Top Coat. You can choose between our Matte Top Coat or our Glossy


Top Coat for shiny results. Be very careful to apply the top coat over the entire surface. Anything


that isn't covered with this top coat is not protected and will not stick.



Cure. Cure for 30 seconds under a LED lamp (1 minute for UV lamp). With our No Wipe formula,


there is no tacky residue at the end!



Repeat. For your second hand.



Apply cuticle oil on your cuticules (optional).




Enjoy our long lasting Louvain gel for weeks !





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